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August 21, 2017
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Letting Go Of Perfection: "The power of discovery enables us to achieve excellence without having to be "perfect.'" – Thomas Crum, The Magic of Conflict I arrived at the conference center ready to present my workshop. Almost immediately I noticed the room was too small and it was not set up as requested. There were no flipcharts and there were tables,...
How People Get Inspired: “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?” No matter how this topic is tackled, the question remains a mystery. “Do you need to be inspired to aspire or do you need an aspiration to get inspired?” The same holds true for the second question. Others may argue that in order to have a strong...
Are You Inspired In Your Work?: Why do we all work? If it is for money, then does it mean that those who earn enough to last a life time or those who inherit, should do no work? Try to find out around with your friends about why they work and surely few of them will answer - for...
A Gift of Energy: "When attack becomes dance, everything is seen as a gift of energy." That sounds great, doesn't it? Couldn't we all use a little more energy from time to time? I know I could. Right now, for instance, as I sit with a blanket over my shoulders, sipping lemon tea and hoping that the next coughing spasm...

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